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        Information Unlimited, Box 716, Amherst, NH 03031 -
        (603) 673-4730 has sold torouses (or toroids, if you insist),
        and spheres also, to the hobbyist trade for some years and
        I believe still does.

        If you want a real torous (or sphere) these are standard
        articles of commerce available in many sizes, materials
        and surface finishes.

                Consult "Thomas' Register of Manufacturers"
                under the High-Voltage classifications.

        Commercial torouses can be had with a highly-specular
        aluminum finish which is utterly inspiring to behold,
        even  =before=  the electricity is turned on.

                Also available are re-entrant spheroids.  These
                are curved inward at the bottom and flattened on
                the top -- for Van DeGraff generator work.

                            - - - - - - - - -

        Some on This List have hand-made crude approximations of
        torouses (and spheres).  You will no doubt hear about these
        from others.   To me such endeavors are a sorry waste of
        irreplaceable time when a  =beautiful=  commercial torous/
        sphere can be purchased for no more than a few days' pay
        (unless you're making minimum wage).

        Such a torous/sphere will last forever - it won't
        wear out or burn out.   After a lifetime of enjoyment it
        can be passed-down to your heirs for another lifetime of
        enjoyment.  (They aren't Plastic Capacitors capacitors, you
        know, nor Herbach & Rademan transformers, either).

                Homework assignment:  If a commercial torous
                costs $250 and it gives 20-years of enjoyment,
                what is its cost per year?  What if it costs
                $500 and gives 35 years of service?  Point made,
                I do believe.  (Now put away that duct tape,
                super-glue, rivet-gun, aluminum foil, bailer
                twine, wire coat-hanger, shaving creme, pepper
                spray, cooking pot, epoxy glue, hair clippings,
                frog's blood, and bat's wing -- ok, now, comb your
                hair and come up here with the adults).

                            - - - - - - - - - - - - -

        I've mentioned "Thomas' Register of Manufacturers" in this
        list so often that some of you probably think I'm getting
        a commission (I'm not, but -- it's 34518 Warren Rd., Westland
        [a Detroit suburb] MI 48185-2791 [USA] -- if any "Thomas' "
        people are reading this).

        "Thomas' " is a multi-volume encyclopedic tome which is priced
        accordingly and to be found in most public libraries and any
        good corporate purchasing department.  It's issued annually.

        I do believe that 1/4 or 1/5-th of the questions here
        could be answered by consulting "Thomas' " and I'd like to
        propose that a reference to it be added to the FAQ for This
        List.  What do you say?  Chip?  Storey?  Anyone?

                                - - - - - - -

        "Thomas' Register of Manufacturers" is also available in an
        on-line edition (and an "off-line" edition -- i.e. a CD-ROM).
        Access to the on-line edition requires on-line registration
        which is free.  The on-line edition is a pale shadow of the
        print edition (aren't they always?), but hey, yous gits wha'
        yous pays fer:


        "Thomas' " full name is "Thomas Register of AMERICAN Manu-
        facturers" thus implying that international editions exist
        but I've not investigated.  Perhaps some of our overseas
        friends can advise further.

                                    Wishing you "toroids" and
                                    spheroids (but no hemorrhoids),

                                    Robert Michaels -- Detroit, USA

T>From:  Jay Bohn[SMTP:sunsoft-at-pacifier-dot-com]
T>Subject:  Toroids

T>I have seen quite a few of Tesla Coils topped with a metal toroid.
T>Where is everyone finding these?
T>Are most home brew?
T>What would an alternate "Top Cap. Hat" be? (Copper toilet float)?
T>I have been lurking on this list and have enjoyed the info.
T>By the way, This is my first "post" ever!

        Welcome -- it's easy and fun, see?

        By the way, This is my 5,178th post ever (no quotation marks,
        it's a real post).

                                                - R. M.