Re: Single Shot

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Malcolm Watts wrote:

> Hello all,
>             I feel it is about time some myths were put to bed
> regarding TCs and TC operation. I composed a post several days ago
> and sent it to Robert Stephens and Richard Hull in that order for
> peer review and comments. At that stage I was reluctant to post it
> to the list as I don't like upsetting people. However, as you will
> see at the end of this, I was encouraged to do so and now send it
> complete with the additional comments. I have no disagreement (and
> indeed agree strongly) with what both of these gentlemen have to say.
> With their kind permission, I am posting this to the list. I am sure
> this is going to upset some who hold strong views to the contrary and
> that is fine. But I have to say to those people, "show us your
> *evidence*". I am sure most on the list recognise the expertise in
> the art of coiling of the two gentlemen mentioned.

[considerable snipping]
> (a) myth #1 - output voltage is lower with this (single shot) test.

> (b) myth #2 - you can't measure primary voltage in repetitive operation.

> (c) myth #3 - The secondary is rung up and up with successive shots
> in repetitive operation.

I prefer to believe that no one on this list actually thinks that these 
myths are true.  It seems more likely that these myths are perpetuated by
their use as marketing gimmickry,  by those who peddle coils and coil
accessories.  Myths 1 and 3 are required as a minimum in order to sell 
multi-megavolt output coils to an unsuspecting public -- and still further 
myths are necessary for the '10 megavolt and up' class of TC's.