Re: Capacitor in question

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Subject: 	Capacitor in question

Hi and thanks for reading my request.

I have just picked up some capacitors, 3 to be exact from one
of our local surplus places and I was wondering whether these
could be used in a small coil.  The coil that I am building is
4" Diam x 18 long being driven by a 15kv -at- 30 ma neon transformer.  
I was hoping to put these in series but before I made up a support
for them, I thought I had better ask the experts if anyone knew
if they were any good or not.

The capacitors in question are described as follows:

   5.75" long x 1.25" diam
   Body is brown in colour with a screw terminals produding one from
each end.

   They are made by CONDENSER PRODUCTS
   .0125 UFD -at- 25000 VDCW
   Model number KMOB 123-25MN

   There is also another number printed on the body as 1210-107.

If anyone knows whether these would work or not, a reply would greatly
be appreciated.