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Malcolm wrote: 


>Apparatus: A seven stage line was built as follows:
>     1.6mH    800uH    400uH    200uH    100uH    50uH     25uH
> ----oooo--+--oooo--+--oooo--+--oooo--+--oooo--+--oooo--+--oooo--+---
> In        |        |        |        |        |        |        | Out
>          ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---
>          ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---
> Gnd       |        |        |        |        |        |        |
> ----------+--------+--------+--------+--------+--------+--------+---
>         10pF      22pF     50pF     100pF    220pF    470pF   1000pF
>Caps are silvered mica jobs.  The inductors are airwound on bobbins 
>for the popular FX2239 potcores.



Placing matching inductors in the opposite bottom "slots" of the ground 
line allows a truer representation of a transmission line.  The ground 
line can be entirely eliminated.  This configuration has already been 
done.  Eric Dollard did this with his "analog computer" representation 
of a transmission line.  Only Eric used repeating units of the same 
valued inductors and capacitors.  More like a real wound resonator.  
Eric measured magnetic and ES components and their effects along the 
various segments from one end to the other and contrasted them with 
predicted transmission line values at quarter wave resonance.  There 
was marked disagreement.  Orthodox transmission line theory assumes 
transverse propagation of an EM wave.  Eric's model demonstrates 
longitudnal transmission of an electrical wave.  Longitudnal 
transmission - a theory near and dear to Nikola Tesla.