Re: additional transformers [rolled caps]

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> > Do you advocate using several serial connected stages in the one, rolled
> > poly cap or several separate caps connected in series?
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> > Peter E.
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> Peter,
> I'm no *expert* on homemade capacitors.  There are a number of
> coilers on this list who *are* experienced in this art enough to be called
> experts.  In my opinion though I think placing a number of caps in
> the same container all in series would be the way to go because in
> doing so you reduce interconnection leadlength and help lower the ESL
> of the cap which is what you desire in a pulse cap.  I have thought
> about schemes employing flat stacking of poly and foil which can give
> series capacitors all in one package.  Perhaps someone out there has
> tried this and can chime in here.
> rwstephens


See http://www.funet.fi/pub/sci/electrical/tesla/pictures/hickman

and files cap1.jpg - cap4.jpg for pictures of a pair of flat plate caps
which use this approach. Each cap has 4 equal secions connected in
series for a total of 128 mils of LDPE. These caps were "overdesigned"
for use in a 20 KV pig-driven system. Like Timex, they've taken a
lickin' and they keep on tickin'... 

-- Bert H --