Re: AC--->DC

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Sent: 	Tuesday, August 05, 1997 12:13 AM
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I would recommend thinking of this like a relaxation oscilator - make a Pi 
filtered DC power supply, then a resistor, then another cap which is the 
primary cap - this way you can set the break freq by adjusting the resistor 
value - basically like the standard neon relaxation osc, but at much higher 
voltage and power.  Not that I've tried this, of course, just theorizing

From: 	Tesla List
Sent: 	Sunday, August 03, 1997 12:41 PM
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I thought about going that way when I get the components to build a TC... I 
figured out that it
should be more efficient - just like you and a few others here.

Here goes...

	|            |
	|     +--|>--+--|choke|--+-- +??kV
	|     |                  |
	o-NST-o                |cap|
	|     |                  |
	|     +--<|--+--|choke|--+-- 0V
	|            |

(I hope it comes out okay on your side...)

Now that I re-think about it, another small cap before the chokes would sound 
like a fairly good

Have fun and after you tried it, tell me how well it worked compared to AC.