FW: Rotary Gap

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> Max,
> I use lexan for my rotors, but as Ed Wingate mentioned, heat can be a
> problem, since lexan has such a low softening temperature.  My rotor
> and spinning electrodes run absolutely cold during operation, so I don't
> really have to worry about heat.  But whenever I try a new TC design, I
> make a few tests of varying run times to verify that the electrodes are
> still running cool.
> By the way, some places sell smaller pieces (1 foot squares) of G10.
> John Freau

      Thanks for your help. I may use G-10 if you would tell me the
phone numbers,and addresses to some of the companies that sell smaller
pieces. That would allow me to spin the rotor at higher speeds without
it flying to pieces.

                               Frankensteins Helper