Re: New web page stuff, FAQ requests

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Subject: 	Re: New web page stuff, FAQ requests

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>Subject: 	New web page stuff, FAQ requests
>Greetings all,
>I've been working on the web page, all the live long day... (sorry).
>Check it out.  I am looking for comments in the following areas:
>1) How to improve it
>2) What questions (and answers) I should have in my FAQ (Frequently Asked
>Questions) section
>Thanks in advance.

Very nice Chip !

I like the frames, but I found it hard to navigate.

1. When you click on something in the lower left-hand frame, there isn't
anyway to get back to where you started from on some of the link pages. 
You need a consistant 'back' button on all your link frames.

2. When I got into the 'safety faq' stuff, I couldn't get back to the 
beginning, due to the fact the lower left frame was stuck with no way
back - need a 'back to main' button here.

3. The lower left links frame is pretty small for some of the graphics and
text files you show, I'm always having to scroll back and forth. You might
want to consider haveing them pop up on the main frame, where there is a 
bit more room.

Some of this might have to do with the browser I use (netscape gold 3.0)
I run 600x800 resolution on my screen, which usually is just fine.

All told, an excellent re-vamp of your webpage.

Your FAQ section will never have enough information, no matter how hard
you try, so I wouldn't worry about it much. I do think tho, that we need
more info for beginners. As you know, several folks have tryed and (I beleve)
given up trying to come up with a beginners guide. Even thou FTP'ing 
the RQ files from Findland isn't as hard as it used to be, it's still pretty
intimidating to the beginner to see all those hundreds of K's of files to
read through...

Until we get an educator and/or editor on the list who is a Tesla nut AND
has lots of free time on his/her's hands, we'll still have a lack of info
for beginners ;'}

Thanks for your efforts and remember that all of the above is IMHO !

Take care,