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>    Thanks for keeping me out of harms way! The only place that I have
> found that sells G-10 is a plastics company that I buy my poly, and
> epoxy from. They only sell the stuff in 24" x 48" sheets, and the price
> works out to several hundred dollars! Sooo I'll probably use lexan.
> Thanks for your help!
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>                                       Max


I use lexan for my rotors, but as Ed Wingate mentioned, heat can be a
problem, since lexan has such a low softening temperature.  My rotor
and spinning electrodes run absolutely cold during operation, so I don't
really have to worry about heat.  But whenever I try a new TC design, I
make a few tests of varying run times to verify that the electrodes are
still running cool.  

By the way, some places sell smaller pieces (1 foot squares) of G10.

John Freau