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 >You'd have to draw that one for me.  I can't visualize how the single 
> cap bank can be charged evenly from the 3 phases, without using diodes.
> Did Tesla ever use 3 phase for powering his coils?
> -GL


You may be right about needing the 3 cap banks.  On page 60 in
Anderson's book "Nikola Tesla on his Work With Alternating Currents
and their Application to Wireless Telegraphy, Telephony, and
Transmission of Power", there's a picture of Tesla's 3 phase system,
which uses one rotary gap with 8 electrodes, and 3 separate cap
banks.  There is no mention of how well the system worked.  I seem
to remember Lou Balint mentioning something about Tesla's 3 phase
Tesla work also...I'll ask him about it.

John Freau