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There is really no such animal.  All transformers work only on AC.  If you
want a high voltage power supply you need a transformer and a rectifier (AC
to DC) commonly called a diode.  A small filter capacitor will fill out the
requirements as it smoothes out the AC ripple to make a steady DC signal. 
If you are building a Tesla coil you dont really want a DC supply for a
small unit.  Just use a neon sign transformer.  I would suggest either a 30
ma or 60 ma rating in the 12 kv range as a good starter unit.  These are AC
transformer and will work best for Tesla coil construction.  Your best bet
are some local sign shops that specialize in neon sign construction and
repair.  Cost is usually in the $10 to $20 range for a good used unit.  Ask
them to check it for you before you buy it.  I would also suggest you visit
your local library and find a copy of the ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook. 
They have some good reading sections on basic electronic and electrical
circuits that will help expand your knowledge of electricity.  High voltage
can be dangerous and some knowledge is a must if you work with a high
voltage transformer.

Good luck.


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> Where can you get an inexspensive hi voltage DC transformer?
> e-mail me at www.Kschw54108-at-aol-dot-com
> Thanks
> Aaron Schwarz
> PS i am 13 and dont have a lot of money if any one has sumthing in the
> exspensive range, please e-mail me. Thanks Again