Re: Square Wire

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Hi Jeff,
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> Malcolm,
> Your estimate of 950 turns is close. The measured TPI
> is 48 yielding a total turns of 960.
> You wrote: 
> "According to my calcs based on estimated turns, L = 25.4mH,
> C = 9pF without terminal giving about 330kHz. How do those
> figures stack up with yours? What is measured L and f?"
> Fsec measured at 367kHz using a freq gen and a pair of leds
> attached to the base of the coil.
> How does one measure (and/or calculate) Lsec and Csec?

I use an inductance meter hooked across the secondary to measure L.
For a single-layer solenoid use WHeeler's formula to calculate it
(John Couture included it in one of his recent posts).
For Csec, measure F then plug L and F into the standard 
equation to dig C out or you can calculate it using Medhurst's 
formula Csec = HD where D = diameter in cm and H....

for h/d = 2, H = 0.51
for h/d = 5, H = 0.81

The relationship becomes a bit non-linear above this h/d but gives a 
good indication nontheless.

    It is beginning to sound like a shorted turn or two to me as well. 
It can't be excessive capacitive loading or a hi-Z signal generator:
either or both of these cause F to drop beyond the correct value.