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Hi William,
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> the general subject was arcover at the edges of a rolled cap.why
> not fuse the edges together, or use wider poly and fold it - that
> way there is no opening for the charge to get through.  The other
> alternative that makes sense to me is to make a bunch of "short
> fat" capacitors with the foil protruding from the edges of the
> poly, then mash the foil down and press them end to end, putting
> them in series.

I used folded plastic in the design I developed for my Wireless 
World article. While it precludes surface tracking it is *no help at 
all* in preserving plastic at sharp foil edges and particularly
with air present. The best thing is the caps won't blow first time up
if the plastic is thick enough. Folded plastic is a pig to roll too.