Re: TC on TV

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Sent: 	Sunday, August 03, 1997 3:43 AM
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Subject: 	TC on TV

I turned on the TV and saw the end of something about a Tesla Coil.  From
what little I saw it looked like someone put a battery powered electric
motor with a round disk connected to the motor shaft on top if the secondary
coil.  The TC has a toriod and its making lots of sparks.  The disk looks
like its about 1" above the toroid and about 24" diameter.  The toroid looks
like its about 12" diameter. The TC is small about a 4" secondary coil and
its about 8 feet above the floor.  To the side of the TC is a large metal
sphere about 4 feet diameter about 8 feet above the floor also.  The sphere
looks like its not connected to anything except for the rope that holds it
up from the ceiling.  The sphere
looks like its about 6 feet from the TC.  There are huge very white hot very
thick lighting bolt sparks jumping off of the sphere to the ground.  I don't
know exactly what is going on but it looks like maybe the rotating disk on
the motor is doing the same thing as the rubber belt in a Van De Graff
generator.  Electrons must be traveling to the sphere and when it gets a
full charge it discharges.  I wish I had turned the TV on a few minutes
sooner.  Did anyone else see this on TV?

Gary Weaver