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>I am assuming you meant 'over 500 kHz' above. For a smaller coil, say 
>with a secondary coil 3.5" diam x 15" tall what would be a good 
>operating frequency? I have many different size toroids, so I could 
>probably tune it into many different freqs. The coil isn't working right 
>know (don't know what happened to it) so I am going to try to start 
>redesigning it better. I would like to know more about the effect of 
>different freqs and if it changes between small and large coils.
>Could anyone help me out?
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>You are correct.  I meant over 500KHZ (>500Khz).  Thanks for point our the

The size coil you wish to rebuild would need to resonant around 400-500khz
and that means pretty fine magnet wire like #28or#30.  The toroids will help
push this a bit lower and improve your results.  Such a coil might work best
near 1KW.

Richard Hull,TCBOR