Re: HF sparks (effect of frequency)

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> I am assuming you meant 'over 500 kHz' above. For a smaller coil, say 
> with a secondary coil 3.5" diam x 15" tall what would be a good 
> operating frequency? I have many different size toroids, so I could 
> probably tune it into many different freqs. The coil isn't working right 
> know (don't know what happened to it) so I am going to try to start 
> redesigning it better. I would like to know more about the effect of 
> different freqs and if it changes between small and large coils.
> Could anyone help me out?


It basically won't make any difference what frequency you use as long
as it's something reasonable such as from 100kHZ to 600kHz.  Physical
constraints will limit what frequency you can use, due to the need for a
certain size capacitor, primary size, etc.  I've compared coils that operate
at 100kHz with those that run at 600kHz and I haven't seen any difference.
Theoretically there are fewer losses at lower frequencies, but many factors
affect coil output.

John Freau