Re: Spark Gap Evaluation

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> A spectrum analyzer would be very nice to have for measyuring spectral
> content. However, my boss won't let me get his $44,000 unit within 3
> miles of my running coil! :^( From what I can tell from my scoped
> measurements, I'm easily getting parasitic oscillations that go up into
> the 10's of MHz. I can't tell what proportion is in what frequency
> ranges, but its clear that the overwhelming majority of the energy being
> transferred to the coil is concentrated in the fundamentals and
> sidelobes of the coil (about 81, 90, and 99 kHz for my coil) depending
> upon whether I'm quenching optimally or not... mostly not.
> -- Bert H --
Bert, All,

I took a quick look at a small coil's output on a spectrum analyzer one
time, the harmonics went onward and upward...didn't even count them
all..they stayed surprisingly strong as they went up in frequency.  The
fundamental was 500kHz, I seem to remember at least six harmonics?

John Freau