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With the toroid in place use the small sphere as the breakout point
for sparks.
The field shape will do more than insulation could ever hope to do.
dave h

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> Sounds like you should be using a toroid. Why don't you want to
> use one? Properly sized, a toroid can act to suppress the corona
> leakage you speak of as well as increase your breakout voltage.
> Jeff W. Parisse
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> I want to know how a person can stop your secondary's coil last
winding from
> discharging. I have a small 1 inch diameter iron ball on top as a
> sphere. But at the last turn on my secondary there comes a 4 inch
spark out
> and that energy is lost and aren't going to my small sphere.
> Anyone have Ideas on how to overcome this problem. I don't want to
use a
> large torroid to make an shielding effect.