Re: Fun with Helium

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>Subject: 	Fun with Helium
>I tried a simple experiment last night that was pretty neat:  I had some
>old helium balloons and some 2 liter clear plastic soda bottles.
>Anyway, I got a neat purple glow of ionized helium in the bottle, with
>some strangly shaped patterns running through it.  An identical bottle
>just filled with air did nothing.
	I tried this last year with a 2' helium balloon. I taped it to
my top load and fired up my coil. POP went the balloon without even
producing any colors. At that time, my coil was producing about 3' air
streamers and just burned through the balloon on first shot.  I'd not
thought of using a soda bottle. I'll try it the next time I fire my
coil up. 

I'm up to 60" measured discharges to a ground rod now, so I'll NOT
hold the bottle in my hand;)