Re: dying neons-don't us them

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> I am having a little trouble with my neons.  I believe it is because I
> am over stressing them but I'd like to know what I can do to save them.
> The other night, I was testing out my toriod and a sphere and I was
> getting my largest arcs yet.  Anyway, none of my runs went longer than
> 15-20 sec and then eventually, everything would stop and the neon would
> make a low, quietsounding buzz/hum.  I didn't leave it plugged in when I
> noticed that.  I'd run it a bit longer and it'd happen again.  The neon
> also began to warm.  My safety gap would fire occasionally.  What
> exactly is happening in the system that causes it to fire anyway?  I
> have two chokes, but perhaps they aren't good enough.  They're 8" of 2"
> diam. pvc wound with regular (not magnet wire) 22 awg insulated wire.  I
> recall some one suggesting that you use the same wire used for the
> secondary, what's the story on that?  I don't have any capacitors from
> my neon to ground either.  Would that make a difference?
> I'm not able to come across neons very readily so I want to protect what
> I got.  Sure, I could always set my spark gap smaller and not turn up
> the voltage all the way, but what fun would that be? :)
> any suggestions would be great
> Kevin


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Michael Freeman
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