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> Subject:        Pyrandl capacitors
> All,
> Please help me identify three capacitors that were given to me by the owner
> of a local ham radio shop.The caps are fairly large (40 or 50 lbs) HxWxD =
> 13"x5"x13.5".  the plate on the side of the cap has this info:
> General Electric
> MU-F    3
> Cat.      14F15
> V          12500
> CY        DC
> Pyrandl Capacitor
> Does anyone have a spec sheet on this?  I gather from the side plate this is
> a 3uF-at-12.5KVDC.  Does anyone agree?  What is a Pyrandl Capacitor?  Is this a
> power factor correction type cap with the internal discharge resistor?  What
> about PCB's (it looks old)?
> Info or opinions would be greatly appreciated!!!
> Rusty Duncan


Are you sure the nameplate doesn't say Pyranol? Pyranol is a PCB that
was used by GE prior to 1977 when the ban on PCB's was imposed. If the
nameplate does indeed say Pyranol, it's no wonder the local ham shop
owner gave them to you. To get rid of Pyranol containing capacitors and
transformers legally can cost up to $600 per item because the entire
item has to be incinerated in a special high temperature furnace. I
personally would run, not walk, back to the shop and tell the owner you
can't use the caps he gave you. The EPA gets really testy concerning
PCB's and as far as I know it isn't even legal to sell equipment
containing PCB's. That could be the reason he gave them to you!

Safe Coiling,

Ed Wingate