Re: Oil-immersed RFCs?

From: 	Felix[SMTP:73374.1547-at-CompuServe.COM]
Sent: 	Sunday, August 31, 1997 10:45 AM
To: 	tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: 	Re: Oil-immersed RFCs?

Thanks very much for the detailed recommendations. If you've found you
don't need 5 to 10 millihenries, perhaps you've found better protection
via other components. Would you tell me what are your typical values for
bypass capacitors, damping resistors between bypass caps and RFCs, and
RFCs themselves? People having been telling me 500 pf per side, 500 to
3k ohms, and 5 mh, but perhaps you've found a better combination.
In any case I do include a safety spark gap set just above neon output's
arcing level.
Thanks again for your help; the plexi inductor design is ingenious. I 
hope that eventually I'll be in a position to give equally helpful
advice to novices in my turn.          Regards, Felix