Re: RQ Schematics

Subject:  Re: RQ Schematics
  Date:   Wed, 23 Apr 1997 05:09:46 +0500
  From:   "Alfred A. Skrocki" <alfred.skrocki-at-cybernetworking-dot-com>
    To:   Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

On Mon, 21 Apr 1997 17:08:21 -0400 George W. Ensley
<erc-at-coastalnet-dot-com> wrote;

> I use the standard RQ (xfmr - caps - safety  gaps - chokes - static gap)
> arrangement on my coil. The safety gap will fire very occasional on one
> side
> or the other when a strike from the toroid finds its way past the strike
> rail to the primary. I suspect the whole primary tank circuit, chokes,
> static gaps, cap and all are pulled off center as referenced to the
> center
> tap of the neon and the center point of the safety gaps. In any event
> the
> gaps fire the neon is somewhat protected and i feel good.

By RQ I assume you mean Richard Quick, I am not familiar with this
arrangement. Is the capacitor directly across the transformer or is 
it in series with the primary and the spark gap across the 
transformer? What I was speaking of is the condition where the static 
or rotary gap is directly across the transformer.


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