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Subject:     Re: - Parts search
      Date:  Fri, 25 Apr 1997 15:57:57 GMT
      From:  jim.fosse-at-bdt-dot-com (Jim Fosse)
        To:  Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

I read the part about 12 foot arcs to mean that the neon sign
transformer could light a 12 foot neon sign. That IS called an arc in
common usage. (properly, it is a glow discharge.)


>> T>For 1o dollars I got a perfectly good neon transformer that was
>> T>capable of throwing up to 12 foot arcs if used the right way.
>> T>I haven't tryed it yet though.
>>         Yeh, yeh, that's pretty standard performance.  Using a
>>         ball park figure of about 1-million volts per 6-ft. of
>>         arc length, your 12-foot arcs would equate to about
>>         2-million volts.

>Robert I think you missed his point - he was being humorous, what he 
>meant was if this neon transformer was used properly as in a well 
>designed Tesla coil it would possibly yield 12 foot sparks. I must 
>admit though I have never seen nor heard of anyone getting more than
>a 6 foot discharge from a single neon transformer {15KV/6O ma.}!
>I would love to see the design that would yield a 12 foot discharge 
>from a single neon transformer!