10KV RMS -at- 300MA Update

Subject:       10KV RMS -at- 300MA Update
       Date:   Mon, 21 Apr 1997 22:54:11 -0700
       From:   Skip Greiner <sgreiner-at-wwnet-dot-com>
Organization:  Greiner, Ltd.
         To:   tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

HI All

Sorry that it's taken so long to make this minor update of my program to
try to blow up these trannies.

Anyway...nothing is dead yet. After several experiments I have decided
to take Fr. Tom's advice and not use the cap resonators provided but not
for his reasons, I think. If the 10uf caps are used, the trannies put
out close to 5000v; any additional capacity added to the secondaries is
reflected back toward the primary and further increases the secondary
voltage, possibly to destruction. If a capacitor of about .08uf is
placed across the two secondaries which have been wired in series, the
total output voltage is nearly 10kv (it is assumed that the secondaries
are wired in series aiding with the center grounded, as previously
discussed, and the primaries are wired in anti-parallel). 

With this setup I have beaten on the trannies by setting the gaps at
4500v and letting them arc away with no ill effects. I am sure that the
current limiting cuts in since the primary current does not increase
drastically. I have shorted them at full voltage and have switched them
on and off with the input voltage at full line voltage. Again no

Since I do not have a TC set up to handle a .08uf primary cap, I am now
investigating the possibility of modifying something that is laying
around. Hopefully this will happen in the next few days. I will advise
as I get some results.