Re: St. Elmo's Fire?

Subject:   Re: St. Elmo's Fire?
  Date:    Tue, 22 Apr 1997 10:33:21 -0700
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St. Elmo's "fire" is a high voltage direct current discharge that
mariners noted coming off the crow's nest of tall ships mast especially
during times with a lot of culmulo nimbus (big black thunderclouds)
overhead.  It is a DC discharge, also sometimes called Trichel Pulses
occur from a HV terminal such as on a Wimshurst machine.  It can occur
as a
steady glow or intermittant pulses of HV direct current discharge.  It
called fire because it is usually rather quiet as compared to a

I noted it once while skiing in the mountains of Colorado -- it was
shooting off large rocks and discharging into the air about 4 feet ---
during the daytime!  Needless to say we vacated the area rather rapidly
a powerful thunderstorm soon followed in the same area we saw it.

Most of Tesla's work was with AC and RF currents although he did do some
interesting work with a Van de Graaff style generator using an air
and some dust (flour) materials.


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> What is St. Elmo's Fire? I think it has something to do with Nikola
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