1st experiments with new coil

Subject:   1st experiments with new coil
  Date:    Mon, 21 Apr 97 06:58:51 UT
  From:   "William Noble" <William_B_Noble-at-msn-dot-com>
    To:   "Tesla List" <tesla-at-poodle.pupman-dot-com>

I decided to see how well the new coil pieces I had made worked.  Here
is the 
coil description

primary - 13 turns of 1/4 inch copper on 1/4 spacing starting with 6
inner diameter wound on plate acrylic

secondary - about 680 turns of 24 gague on 4 inch pvc with urethane

gap - 6 pieces of 1/2 inch copper pipe on .030 spacing, no forced air

xformer - 15kv 30 ma neon

capacitor - .001 uf 27kv mica

input power - straight 110 AC, no variac

other - # 10 X3 stranded wire X 18 inches long (a piece of power cord
inside a 
neoprene outer sheath) is what I used to make the movable jumpper to go 
between the capacitor and the selected coil of the secondary.  A
clip rated 30 amps is what I used to connect to the tubing - I'll make a
aesthetic special connector later.

I hooked it all up in the normal manner, with the primary grounded to a
of electrical counduit that runs underground for 40 feet, used all gap 
segments.  Tried the following configurations:

1. no capacitor on top of the secondary, just the piece of wire sticking
up - 
best performance at turn 7, next best at 13.  top turns of secondary
got about 1/2 to 3/4 inch brush discharge from end of wire, with many
discharges from the piece of wire sticking up.  With the bottom of the 
secondary about 4 inches above the primary I got no discharge, with the
of the primary just below the secondary I got the small brush described
 All other tests were run with the bottom of the primary just below the 
secondary - there was never arcover between primary and secondary.

2. plastic toilet float wrapped in foil on top of secondary - best
at turn 8, got 3 to 4 inch "lightning bolt" type blue discharges from
threaded end of the float (where the foil was quite rough), could draw a
4 to 
5 inch arc to a grounded wire (didn't measure this carefully)

3. made a torroid from 4 inch aluminum dryer ducting - didn't quite have 
enough to close the torroid but decided to try it anyway.  No free air 
discharge - best arc drawn from turn 6.

all of the above runs were short runs (15 sec to a minute) because the
would heat up and the sparks would get shorter if I ran very long.

Now, I know that I need more primary capacitance - that will come when I
time, and the gap got way too hot, so I'll need to redo it with larger
pipe and then finish up with some kind of air mover to get a decent
and I'll need a real torroid some time.  So, the question to you-all is,
the performance of this partially done coil consistant with what you
expect????  I'm actually pretty happy that it did anything at all - This
is a 
10,000% improvement over my previous efforts (all thanks to reading this
for a few months).  My inclination is to play with some oil capacitors
(7.5 kv 
units) that I have a pile of and see what happens, then when that is not 
satisfactory break down and make some like everyone else does.  
(and, thanks for the help to date - this is much cooler than total