Re: A *Perfect* Tesla Coil

Subject:  Re: A *Perfect* Tesla Coil
  Date:   Sat, 19 Apr 1997 23:06:54 -0400 (EDT)
  From:   FutureT-at-aol-dot-com
    To:   tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

<< John,
> Sorry for the long delay in replying to your post.  I'm running on 
> dislexic time these daze.  Thank's for the complement.  I gotta say 
> 'back at'ya' for the great research you are now doing trying to come 
> up with a handle on how system parameters affect gap quench.
> This sucker sure is slippery isn't it? : )


Thanks for the nice comments on my work.  I guess there's a "danger"
some of my findings will apply to only my coil, rather than be
applicable; there are so many parameters and some are hard to control
for --
but gotta try.

Your Coronatron should be quite a sight when you get it powered to the
max at
15kW.  Interesting about the dielectric "smoking" and the "no nervous
sensation at all."
John Freau

>once I start  dialling up the power to it's 15+ KW RMS output capability.
> merely this 2.8 kW input right now, I am generating a measured 185 kV 
> P-P voltage sine wave at about 120 KHz with the present setup.  A 
> small 3 inch diameter by 18 inch commercial spinning *just*prevents 
> breakout to this point.  I get plasma globe fire inside a 1000 watt, 250
> volt 
 >clear, mogul base filament lamp handheld at 8 feet from the machine!  
> Approaching the coil with a grounded metal wand produces 24 inch long 
 >hissing St. Elmo's Fire.  If I stand on a wooden box with a crescent 
> wrench in my hand about 3 feet distant from this coil and reach 
> towards a person farther than me from the coil standing on the 
> concrete floor of my lab with a similar handheld wrench we can get a 
> very white hot, silent 2 inch flame arc between the wrenches that 
> looks just like what you can draw from a 15KV-at-60 mA neon transformer!
> There is absolutely NO nervous sensation.  I have a fully filtered DC 
> supply driving my Coronatron and the 120 Hz ripple on the RF envelope 
> is only about 5% at this power level.
> Man, I sure hope my Uncle Fester pictures turn out.  You guys have 
> gotta see this!
> This aside almost just became another post! : )
> Cheers,
> rwstephens