Re: equidrive vs. non-equidrive

Subject:      Re: equidrive vs. non-equidrive
      Date:   Sun, 20 Apr 1997 07:33:38 EDT
      From:   wb8jkr-at-juno-dot-com (Mark S Graalman)
        To:   tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

><  Snip 
>> To be on the safe side, you should always remember to discharge the
>> primary cap, even in this configuration, since it could retain a 
>> IF you accidently openned up your neon's secondary circuit.
>> Performance-wise, it's not clear that the two configurations perform 
>> differently. I seem to remember RQ claiming a 10-15% perfomance
>> improvement when he went to the "equidrive" configuration. However, 
>> also seen many very high performing systems using the single leg
>> capacitor configuration.
>  >>
>I've done direct comparisons of the equidrive and single leg cap
>and found absolutely no difference either way.  This was in a small 
>which gave about a 28" spark.  I haven't made comparisons at any other
>Towards optimal coiling,
>John Freau

    John,  I'm glad you brought this up, I never had the guts to <G>
 But I've always questioned the equadrive idea, I see absolutely no
reason why it should work any better. The system is a series circuit
and there is no reason electrically or physically why two capacitors,
one on each end of the coil (effectively two caps in series) should
be any different then using just one cap, except of course the voltage
divides between them. But the voltage acrossed the coil and the
magnetic field is going to be the same in either case.

 I've always used a grounded primary and have never had a problem
with its performance, and don't need a "strike rail"

                        Mark Graalman