Central Texas Ham Fest Update

Subject: Central Texas Ham Fest Update
   Date: Sunday, 20 April 1997 20:45
   From: storey-at-stic-dot-net
     To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

It was supposed to start at 7:00AM, so I got there at 6:30 to be an
early bird, but it was already a beehive of activity. After paying my
0ne dollar to get in, the first table I came to had a big roll of magnet
wire that I wanted but was being sold to a man that got there earlier
than I did. Now I understand why Richard Hull stressed "get there
	I was primarily interested in variacs for myself and a few friends, so
I walked past the high power transmitting tubes and components, ( I am
no longer planning a quiet, gentleman's coil), and wound up with the

1 120v 35a variac  $50 used, good condition
1 240v 10a powerstat $50 new
2 240v  7a powerstat $15 each used, no knob
1 120v  4a 3gang variac 400cycle $15 clean, no knob
1 120v  1a variac $7 clean, no knob
1 Bodine gearhead motor $15 (for coil winding jig)
1 Tektronic vacuum tube scope $40 with 2 plug ins and manual, clean

The most interesting thing I saw was a capacitor, about 8"x16"x30" tall
rated at 50 ufd 10,000v with a 1/2" bolt in the top of the insulator.
The guy was asking $75, and said he had 14 more of them, but I wasn't
driving a truck so I passed them up.

Storey Clamp
San Antonio, Texas