RE: Variac vs. Fan speed control

Subject:       RE: Variac vs. Fan speed control
       Date:   Sun, 20 Apr 1997 22:27:55 GMT
       From:   robert.michaels-at-online.sme-dot-org (Robert Michaels)
            Society of Manufacturing Engineers

->    Obviously the switch I bought doesn't control the fan speed by
-> varying the
-> voltage input to the fan.  1) How does it work?  2) Is there a
-> of fan
-> speed control which would work in this application (replacing a
-> Variac)?  If
-> so, it would certainly be cheaper and more easily available.  :) 
-> for
-> answers from anybody who's already explored this area. 

        The term "fan speed control" convers so much territory it's
        almost impossible to guess what exactly you have.

        A cold chill ripples thru me as I contemplate the possiblilty
        that you have a small =solid state= device which is customarily
        packaged in a metal box about 2 x 3".   Such or any kindred
        solid state device is manifestly unacceptable for Tesla work!

                That's why you see "Variac" - "Variac" - "Variac"
                throughout the posts on this list and do not see
                "fan control" - "fan control" - "fan control".

        "Variac" is a propriatary term for a variable autotransformer
        as made by General Radio Co.  Functionally identical products
        are made by others.  They are =widely= available from electronic
        parts distributors in the U.S. and Europe.  In the U.S. three
        largest national distributors are Newark,  Allied, and Mouser.

        Else look in the Yellow Pages under 
        "electronic parts and supplies" - most any local distributor
        will know exactly what "Variac" means and be able to fix you
        up with no problem for about $100 U.S. more or less.

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                                        Robert Michaels