RE: cascade multiplier

Subject:        RE: cascade multiplier
       Date:    Sun, 20 Apr 1997 22:48:08 GMT
            robert.michaels-at-online.sme-dot-org (Robert Michaels)
            Society of Manufacturing Engineers

-> You mentioned in a pervious mail that you could provide more info
-> and schematics on a Cockroft-Walton multiplier.

-> My plan is to use this multiplier circuit as the power supply for
-> a plasma globe about 12" in diameter.
-> The globe will be filled with heluim.

        You'd must be prepared to do some kind of fast and fancy
        fandango if you expect to operate a plasma globe from a
        voltage multiplier.  Such provide dc and plasma globes 
        require high-frequency =ac= at high voltage, such as you
        might get from ... ah, let me see now...what were those
        called ... er... oh yes, now I remember - a Tesla coil!!

        Commercial plasma globes are powered by hi-voltage/high-
        frequency supplies more or less similar to those found in
        the CRT power circuits of TVs and video monitors.


-> I am planning to connect the circuit direct to 220VAC from the
-> wall outlet with a 1 Amp fuse.

        A voltage multiplier of the type you describe is a =suicide
        machine= if directly connected to the ac power lines.  Use
        an isolation transformer!

                Else - call Dr. Kvorkian - his methods are a lot
                more gentle.

-> If I do use this setup and connect it to the globe, can I touch the
-> glass safely ? I dont want to get fried :-)

        You can touch the glass with complete safety if you haven't
        gone overboard with the power levels in high-frequency =ac=
        supply.  In fact, not only can you touch it, I specifically
        advise it:  plasma globes are a lot like tits in this