A primary question

Subject:  A primary question
       Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 20:39:41 -0700
       From: Skip Greiner <sgreiner-at-wwnet-dot-com>
Organization: Greiner, Ltd.
         To: tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

Hi All

I would like to pose a question for the list. Disregarding
primary/secondary arc-over problems...what if one were to design and
build three different primaries as follows:

1. a solenoidal wound coil of the approximate diameter of the secondary
designed to a specific L. I think this coil could actually be a larger
diameter without changing the premise.

2. a pancake wound coil of the same L with spacing to allow the
secondary to fit in if necessary for k adjustment.

3. An inverted pancake coil of the same L designed using accepted

Now, the question.....Using the same secondary and adjusting the
coupling to be equal for each of the three different primaries, will the
TC function any differently in each configuration?

I will appreciate any and all comments and discussion. I believe the
design of the primary is the single most important part of a TC and I
believe it has largely been ignored.