Re: U.K. Coil building info

Subject:  Re: U.K. Coil building info
  Date:   20 Apr 97 12:32:21 EDT
  From:   Alan Sharp <100624.504-at-CompuServe.COM>
    To:   "INTERNET:tesla-at-pupman-dot-com" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>


There's not very many of us in the U.K. and most of the books
have to be sourced from the U.S.  I started to put this together
for anyone else in the UK - if you know of other UK sources
let me know off list and I'll put the results on list.

If the folks in the UK were interested in a get together - I've
got a large church hall in Corby.....................       contact me 
directly. Though at the moment all I have working is a 500W
solid state coil (14" arcs) and a small Jacob's Ladder.
Other projects are on the way.

Alan Sharp (UK)

Sources - UK

Get a catalogue from Linsay Publications - New York - lots of
interesting books that you can't get here.

No email but you can fax them on - USA 815 935-5477 (24hrs)
Ask for a free catalogue.

my stuff came very quickly and they take credit cards.

I got:
Tesla Coil by George Trinkaus 24 pages, very home brew but
cheap and well presented. $4.95

Tesla Man out of His time: Margaret Cheney - good biography of Tesla

Tesla Coil Handbook - Todd A.Pringle 60 A4 pages - well presented
should get you up and running. $9.95

Shipping - 2nd day air was reasonable - my orders came in a week!

Or International Tesla Society
FAX  USA 719 475-0582

(airmal $7.25 first item $2.50 other items)

Duane Bylund: Modern Tesla Coil Theory 140 pages - good on theory and
practical - covers valve (tube) and solid state designs as well as
Spark Gaps. (poor quality print - good content) $19.95

Brent Turner: Tesla Coils - good on spark gap and valve designs.

UK Components:

RS Components (Corby)
Farnell Components (Leeds)
Vast catalogues but no high voltage transformers, or caps.

(These firms can be sniffy about dealing with individuals so style
yourself Joe Blogg services - ask RS for their catalogue on CD ROM.

Scientific Wire Co - wire.

oil ignition transformer can be found apparently from 
yellow pages heating engineers. Not so many neon's though - planning
restrictions means we don't have so many here.
Someone got a pig pole from an Electricity Board.
Or try micro wave transformers in series.
Transformers are too heavy to consider importing.

I've tried Bull, Greenweld, Anchor with no luck on this stuff.

Capacitors -
Haven't found any UK sources.
Could import. or build your own
beer bottles make a cheap first capacitor

Follow the waterboard as they tear up the steets for offcuts of
6" dia PVC or bigger. 4" diameter PVC is widely available at
builders merchants.

Do It All have 4" flexable Aluminium ducting.
Aluminium foil tape is available from RS and Farnell

Look out for scrap - my daughters hair dryer just
blew but the motor and fan do to quench a gap.