Re: Magnifier notes

Subject:  Re: Magnifier notes
  Date:  Fri, 18 Apr 1997 19:32:44 -0400 (EDT)
  From:  richard hull <rhull-at-richmond.infi-dot-net>
    To:  Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

>Wild Bill and I spend Wednesday finishing up our new magnifier driver
>the winding of a new resonator coil (another future cannon shell.)
>This new secondary is 16 inches in diameter, 37 inch winding length. 
>We got excellent video (even caught the toroids starting to topple
>and I took a roll of stills.  I'm on vacation for two weeks, so the
>will be a while a'waiting.  The many 8+ footers are a new record for us,
>we're still pushing to get to 10+ feet.  This new driver is gonna get us
>there, I believe.
>Bert Pool

Great work!  Sorry about the accident.  On one of our video reports, we
one of Alex Tajnsek's magnifiers taking a tumble just like yours.  We
even use hot glue.  It was his little "dynamite stick resontor".  The
12" by
2.5" diameter extra coil had 32 gauge windings and on top we put a 20"
diameter aluminum shroud and then on top of that a 60" diameter
aluminum hemispheric cover from a building fan.  All were balanced and
in place by the local gravitational field and precise center of gravity
alignment of all components.

  At 4 KVA input from the system's tank and driver coil.  The energy
traveled along a 12 gauge THHN house wire transmission line to the base
the resonator.  The output sparks were about 7 feet long.  The wire on
resonator got so hot you couldn't touch it.  In mid run (after about 1
minute) something must have moved because the entire arangement toppled
at full power and the terminal gear and resonator all crashed to the
in a classic cartoon heap and the open, floor positioned, rotary gap was
slammed at full speed by falling debris which then recieved a new
velocity.  All caught on video much to our amusement.  

Typical TCBOR snafu and jerry rig testing procedures were followed to
letter.  Due to the lack of care and finish in the construction of all
components, all was put aright in minutes back to its former ad hoc
slip-shod construction standards and fired for another 5 minutes.
Ultimatley, we got almost 7.5 feet out of the little coil.  This system
seen in my book on the CSN minus the 60" cover.  In these photos we used
about a 36" domed fan cover for a terminal.  Lots of crash and burn
makes for a fun time.  Still, sorry about ole Wild Bill's nice spun
gettin' bunged up in your spill!

Richard Hull, TCBOR