Toroid question, and Thanks for primary suggestions.

Subject:  Toroid question, and Thanks for primary suggestions.
  Date:   Fri, 18 Apr 1997 19:40:07 -0400
  From:   Brendan Haley <bhaley-at-shore-dot-net>
    To:   <tesla-at-poodle.pupman-dot-com>

Hello all,  

        First off,  I want to thank everyone for their responses with
regards to copper tubing,  and primaries.  I have always
found the people on this list to be the nicest and most helpful of all
the lists that I am on,  and I just want to say,  once again
how much I appreciate it.

        My coil,  which I have been working on,  on and off for a year
or so,  is beggining to look really solid as I improve it
piece by piece,  and I'm learning alot.

        The primary I built is 1/4" tubing with 1/4" spacing,  and it is
at a 15 degree angle.  In order to get it to couple well,  I had
to raise it quite a bit,  but it seems to be working well,  so I'm not
worried about that much.

        My new question is this:  Can the toroid "discharger" be too
big.  I'm assuming this is probably the case.  Without the
toroid I'm getting alot of action,  even with my grossly underpowered
coil (5kV neon transformer <please don't laugh,  I'm
working on this part too>),  but when I put the toroid on,  and retune
the coil,  it seems like my output is cut in half at least.
The toroid is pretty big,  compared to the secondary (at least three
times the diameter),  and I'm guessing I just don't have
enough power to get the toroid charged (I'm using very layman-esque
terms).  I'm pretty sure it's in tune,  or at least close with
the toroid on,  so I am now at a loss.  Is my reasoning flawed,  or am I
close to the mark?

        Also,  can anyone outline how to run two neons together to get
more voltage (series/parallel,and how can I tell if I'm
doing it right).  I actually have a few smallish neons (I still haven't
found that 15k in the trash yet),  and I'm wondering if there is
anything useful I can do with them

Thanks again,

        Brendan Haley