Re: More rotary gap questions... (fwd)

Subject:        Re: More rotary gap questions... (fwd)
       Date:    Fri, 18 Apr 1997 17:12:01 +1200
       From:    "Malcolm Watts" <MALCOLM-at-directorate.wnp.ac.nz>
Organization:   Wellington Polytechnic, NZ
         To:    tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

Hello Dr Resonance, all,
                         I just had to ask a question about this 

> Even though most coilers use copper tubing primarys,
> good
> grade caps, etc. they sometimes forget that the most circuit resistance
> is
> thru the stainless steel or steel electrodes in their sparkgaps.

Leaving aside the cap and primary inductor, which component apart 
from the ionized air in the gap itself has some 200V across it while 
passing the primary current?

<snip - points about burning stainless noted>