Re: Primaries and Copper Tubing

Subject:  Re: Primaries and Copper Tubing
  Date:   Thu, 17 Apr 1997 14:57:06 -0400 (EDT)
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         Right now my back hurts,  and I am frustrated,  and I'm looking
 for advice and inspiration;  and I don't even want to see
 any copper for about 24 hours.
         Many thanks in Advance,
Are you using copper Refrigeration tubing? I made a primary with
tubing in 3/8 and found it almost impossible to work with. I went to 1/4
Refrigeration tube and it worked much better. It already comes wound in
spiral. I clipped a little away on the inside and laid it down flat and
fastened the inside turn with a U type T-50 wire staple. Then I took a
inch spacer and went around spacing and tacking at 1/4 round intervals.
the inside turn fastened you can work it. The tubing is soft and bends
eaisly. I used a 50 ft. roll and after clipping away a few inches from
inside I only came up with an 8 turn primary, I should only need a 6-8,
hope. I clipped away the inside so it would be spaced correctly from the
of the secondary. If I had not done this I would have to had to do much
bending of the tubing and I was already growling and cursing so I know
you are dealing with. I clipped enough away to space it from the of a 4"
secondary. I used a table top of 18" dia. and the pri. rests on 4 - 2"
of a plastic insulator, yes its the cutting board from wal mart and the
pieces radiate out from the base of the secondary to the edge of the
top. A T-50 wire staple, the kind to fasten wire down with is U shaped
goes oner 1/4 tubing nicely. I used a 9/16 inch length staple. This is
design I used and it was not hard to do and there is no arc over but I
tested it with capacitors in the circut yet although I dont anticipate
problems. I drilled a hole in the table top for the inside turn
conductor. A
cable slips inside the 1/4" copper and is soldered and then goes down
the table top for hook up, it is a solid conductor. I also use 3/4" 
copper plumbing strap for some connections and solder the joints. Stay
from stranded wire. too many losses with it. I dont expect you to follow
design but maybe it will help you with the one you are working on.