Secondary Specs

            Secondary Specs
            Sun, 13 Apr 1997 01:48:38 +1000
            Phil Chalk <philoc-at-ozemail-dot-com.au>
            Phil Chalk <philoc-at-ozemail-dot-com.au>

Hi again (? - haven't seen my first post yet ?)

I am about to build my _first_ coil.  Initially it will be powered by a
12kV 30mA Neon, but I'd like to build a coil capable of coping with
whatever other bigger transformers I might get lucky enough to come
across for a while.

So at this stage I'm thinking of a 10" diameter secondary, on some
'nice' plastic, not PVC.  I'd like to wind it with about #18 or even #16
wire.  #18 gives about 34" winding length for 800 turns & about 42" for
1000 turns, close-wound.

I haven't given the primary much thought yet  - probably about 1/4" -
1/2" copper tube (What's the advantage of 'conical' primaries ?)

So I just wanted to draw on the pool of knowledge & experience here, &
see what comments anyone has about my suggested dimensions, etc, before
I go and spend the bucks !

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to the performance of such a coil,
properly tuned, etc, on the little neon ?? e.g. spark length ??

Many Thanx,

Phil Chalk.

P.S.  Anyone know of a source of 'nice' aluminium (copper ?, whatever)
torroids ?