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I've been thinking about making a similar capacitor - but it seems to me
the insulating material can be placed in an "S" pattern between the
plates so 
that there is no need for a border on two of the sides (let * represent
insulating dielectric):

  --------------------------------------------------- *
 | *********************************************
 | *-----------------------------------------------------|
 | ********************************************   |
 |---------------------------------------------------*   |
and so on.  I havent tried this yet - but it seems to me that for a flat 
capacitor it should be an improvement.  Further, I've been thinking that
using copper plates you can solder bussbar to the plates giving them
current capacity over an aluminum equivalent.  I haven't quite convinced 
myself that I know how to make a good connection to aluminum short of
another piece of aluminum to it.
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I just made a stacked cap with 16oz. copper (measured thickness is 25
mils) and 6 plates each with 206 sq. inches of area. 120 mil
ployethylene dielectric and light mineral oil as the drowning agent.
Light mineral oil does not have the mineral content so it insulates
better than heavy mineral oil which is commonly used for - well, relief.

I made the plates so (looking at them edgewise):


An identical 3 plates were made in the same fashion, placed so that they
were a mirror image, then meshed together. 2 sheets of 60 mil poly were
placed in between the plates. The distance between the plates is 120

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