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>First off - I have set aside the DC coil project until I complete the
>556 cascade controll circuit. I am now using a 10kv furnace trans with a
>small quick and dirty cap which I think works pretty well for the 15
>minutes of careful craftsmanship that went into it. I can only run the
>unit at about 30 on the big-ol-variac, but its a start and tons o fun
>with purple glowing from the cap and a 2 inch sparc. 
>I am now determined to manufacture a serious capacitor and would like to
>post my current design thoughts and would ask if this seems sound;
>I have read some comentary that smaller caps in par. discharge quicker
>that larger caps (Fr. McGahee), My interpretation of this is that the
>same plate area will discharge quicker when divided into a greater
>number of smaller units, this is the first reason I have decided to go
>with a stacked design. The second is flexibility, I think a stacked
>design lends itself to an adjustable set up.

>I am a strong believer in versatility and already have 4 secondaries of
>varying sizes im playing with. 
>As they say there is nothing new under the sun, and Im sure this has
>been tried. Am I doomed or does this seem a good path to pursue?
Our own Dave Sharpe has a large capacitor bank with many caps with
series/parallel connections.  I think he can get over 20 different
values by
just shunting and shifted connections on a patch board.

Perhaps he'll chime in on this.

Richard Hull, TCBOR