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>Hi John, All,
>Have you ever tried the formula Q = sqrt( L / C ) / R.
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  Barry -

  I have never seen the above Q factor equation before. What would you
for R? In the usual equation   Q = X/R   where X = 6.283 F L  the R is
effective resistance, not DC or AC.  The only way to find the R is to
use a
value for a typical Q and X and solve the equation for R. The Q factor
the K factor is easily found by tests after the TC is built, however, at
design stage these two factors are difficult to determine. 

The basic nature of Q for Tesla coils has to do with the energy stored
the field of the coil and the energy dissipated. The Q factor also
resonant rise in voltage and other electrical effects. It is also
interesting that Q involves other phenonmena such as in the swing of a
pendulum and in horological science ( measuring time). 

  John Couture