Re: A *Perfect* Tesla Coil

        Re: A *Perfect* Tesla Coil
        Wed, 9 Apr 1997 08:59:03 -0400 (EDT)

<< With both of us donning our 
> silencing earphones I proceeded to crank up the power control variac 
> quickly to the 35 amp position which corresponds to some 8 kVA.  Two 
>odd things happened.  Firstly, I had to crank the variac higher than 
> normal before the activity started.  I didn't really pay attention to 
> this.  Secondly when the system did fire it came on with a loud shot 
> gun report from the system cap safety gap.  As I instantly saw the 11
> foot 
> streamers between the towers and hot and heavy action everywhere as 
> is now normal, I failed to notice that there was no familiar break
> whine.  The 
> system must have run for some 30-45 seconds and we were having a 
> great old time watching a magnificent show when all of a sudden my 
> rotary jumped to a big bright power arc.  It wasn't until this point 
> that I noticed consciously that the rotary wheel was not spinning!
> I am absolutely amazed.  Here I had the rotary sitting still with 
> what amounts to two gaps of about 3/8th of an inch (happenstance 
> roulette wheel luck) with a vacuum 
> cleaner blower forcing high speed air between the gaps through 
> nozzles as is now a common part of my rotary designs.  This is in effect
> a two
> gap static quench gap!  The system was quenching just fine at 8 KVA 
> from an 18,000 volt RMS pole pig type transformer!
> This quenching was able to continue until the copper electrodes got 
> so hot as to cause premature ignition of the gaps and it was game 
> over for any quenching activity.
> I have NEVER witnessed a static gap of any kind, especially one with 
> as few as two spark gaps in series, quench and operate superbly on a 
> T.C. at anything anywhere near even 1/3rd of  8 kVA,... NEVER!
> My conclusion is that I have achieved synergy in its most advanced 
> and most elusive state with this new Twin TC.


Congratulations!   As far as I know, this is something new for the Tesla
record books.   Maybe twin TCs quench easier because there are two
toroids, impedance may be lower than in a single coil system?  Twins --
secret to quenching success?

> In coiling heaven,
> rwstephens

Towards optimal (twin) quenching,

John Freau