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To: Gary Lau

Will try to give you some "general" advise on your questions.

An ignition transformer will work, but a neon sign transformer usually
works better because it has a higher current rating.  Ignition
are typically 20 ma current and neons typically 30 ma, 60ma, or 120 ma.

Use a .005 MFD cap to match up with a 30 ma. transformer, .01 MFD to
60 ma., and .02 MFD to match a 120 ma. unit.  Most neon transformers are
either 9 KV or 12 KV units.  There is also 15 KV units, so use whatever
can get for around $10 used from a local neon shop.  Sometimes if you
describe your project in detail to the shop owner or manager they will
"donate" one to a worthy cause --- at least it's worth a try!

Both Bert Pool and Skip Greiner have posted designs in this Tesla list
are very effective.  Ask either for the data and I'm sure you will be
on your way to a very efficient coil design.

A small 10 Amp variac is a good idea for tuneup.  You might be able to
borrow one for a few days from a local tech school, university, or even
large TV repair shop.  

Hope this data helps you out.  Always unplug you unit for each tune and


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> Greetings, 
> I've been monitoring this list traffic for about 2 months and am nearly
> ready
> to act upon building my first coil.  I suppose there will always be
> some, but
> there are a few mysteries I'd like to understand before I begin:
> What are oil burner ignition transformers rated?  (I've already got some
> and I'm
> not looking to set records, 12"-18" sparks would be great.)  Would 2 in
> parallel
> be better than one?  Are neon transformers significantly preferable?
> If one starts with a acquiring a HV xfmr, it would seem that the rest of
> the
> system parameters should be derived starting with this.  How does one
> map HV
> xfmr parameters into tank/primary and secondary parameters?  I
> understand the
> required relationships between pri & sec parameters and resonant
> frequencies,
> but I'm unclear on what the sequence of parameter selection is:
> HV xfmr -> Cap value -> ??? -> ???
> I've heard vague advice on this list relating xfmr size to cap uF
> value.  What
> is this relationship?
> Is a variac necessary?  Why?  If it's just to break in a new oil cap,
> why not
> just close the spark gap?
> How vital is a dedicated earth ground, as opposed to using the cold
> water pipe
> leaving my basement?
> Thanks and regards, Gary
> Waltham, MA