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> I have cleaned my 15kv neon secondaries so well you can see the
> stamped
>   serial numbers on the paper covering. But when you look at the side of
>   the secondaries you can still see tar between the winding layers in
>   places. The question is do you have to remove all of the tar? The only
>   way I believe you could do it would be to soak, and soak ,and
> soak,them
>   in solvent solvent until they came clean.
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Don't over-soak them...you can soften the enamel insulation on the
windings. When I rebuit neons, I just used a stiff brush to scrub
what tar I could out of the windings and didn't worry about it. I
did one 9,000 volt, 30-mA transformer that way, and to the best of
my knowledge, it's still running strong, even though I built the
coil back in 1989! (I sold it in 1992, with LOTS of use on it
already. If you don't over-load the trans, it *should* keep on
chugging away.)

- Brent  (bturner-at-apc-dot-net)