Interested in coils...

        Interested in coils...
        Thu, 17 Apr 1997 20:55:38 -0400
        Corey Edmunds <corey-at-efni-dot-com>

Hi Everyone!

Just so you know, my name is Corey Edmunds.  I live in a small town near
North Bay, Ontario, Canada. Im 15 years old and I am a interested in
making a Tesla Coil.  I have poked through the archives -at- ftp.funet.fi
and well i still have a few questions about materials/construction...

-Neon Sign Transformer
        -How much should a used one cost
        -What voltage/amperage should I ideally get?
        -Where can I get one? (Local Neon Shop?)
-The wire
        -Where can I get it from (A hardware store?)?
        I think i will try to make some sort of salt water-bottle
Would beer bottles & veggie oil         work in it?
        -What's the dif. between an achemedes spiral and a pancake
        -About how many turns should I use?
        -What is the best material?
        -What is the best shape?
        I have a few "C" shaped things off a TV tube.  Would 2 taped
work for the ferrite cores?
        (Just a curiosity..)
What is a VARIAC and what are they used for??

Well thats about it...
                Corey Edmunds