RE: glass vacume gaps

        RE: glass vacume gaps
        Mon, 7 Apr 1997 08:00:19 -0400
        Heinz Wahl <hwahl-at-jtc-campus.moric-dot-org>
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Sounds like a great way to develop X-rays!


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> << 
>  How do you intend to seal them in glass with nitrogen?  Would like to
>  know
>  since I am interested in creating gaps like these myself.
>  DaivdF
>   >>
> I thought I would build the gap and have a neon man do it, he could put
> it in
> the right size tube and put electrodes on the ends. gas and seal it.
>   Stephen Sanders
David, Stephen,
I don't mean to rain on your parade, but how is the considerable heat 
buildup of the gap electrodes going to be removed if they are sealed 
in a glass enclosure?  I'd worry about that unless the coil is just a 
5 or 10 watt job.