Tesla Power Unit Construction

        Tesla Power Unit Construction
        Sat, 05 Apr 1997 09:41:40 -0600
        Chuck Curran <ccurran-at-execpc-dot-com>

Hello All:
        I just came up out of the basement in order to go out to the
seem to have spent half the winter in the basement and now it's time to
finish the work on my power unit, in the garage.  I have now installed a
100 amp feeder out to the garage and have a 50 amp breaker in for the
Tesla power system.  A new cord is in too and today I'll be installing a
news contactor with 60 amp contacts--the original one had a 30 amp
rating and I figure I'd smoke it pretty quick.  I also did a rough tune
on the primary circuit in the basement and things look O.K. so far.  My
next event will be to tranport all the parts out of the basement and
assemble the package in the garage--heavy stuff, better call my brother
for help.  I'll need to install the inter-connecting copper strap leads
in the primary circuit prior to final tune in the garage, but things
keep getting closer and closer.  
        The power unit should be 100% done today, using two 1256D
Powerstats in
parallel with the Powerstat T5587 current balancing choke already
installed.  I'm glad I made the power box big enough last year for
future changes!  Well, back out to the garage now.

Chuck Curran
Cedarburg, WI