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Hello Eric:

The Info Unltd coils usually need quite a bit of tweaking for proper
performance.  You might wish to obtain the FREE info booklet "Small
Oscillator Design Guide" from Resonance Research Corp, E11870 Shadylane
Rd., Baraboo,  WI  53913.  Send a $3.00 stamp (no cash or checks) to
priority mail cost.

This booklet is written for beginning coil builders and offers several
and cost saving ideas for the first time builders.  Data included for
with 24 inch spark.


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> I am majoring in Electrical Engineering Technology at Purdue University, 
> and am interested in building my own coil.  However, I have not been
> able 
> to find enough literature on the subject, to comfortably build my own 
> coil with the confidence that not only will it work, but I won't kill 
> myself in the process.  What I was wondering is if anyone had any 
> suggestions for me on where to find any books, papers, or anything else 
> that will aid my research.  Also, I was wondering how I should start 
> out, should I buy a coil kit from Information Unlimited, or would you 
> suggest that I build one on my own?? Help me please, I find these coils 
> to be very interesting, and look forward to completing one myself, but I 
> am clueless.  If you have any suggestions for me, please contact me.  
> Thank you.
> List Moderator's Note: All the information you need can be found at the
> TEsla coil Information Site: 
> ftp://nic.funet.fi/pub/sci/electrical/tesla/