re: twintastic photo

        re: twintastic photo
        Sat, 5 Apr 1997 20:18:39 -0500
        "Robert W. Stephens" <rwstephens-at-headwaters-dot-com>


I'd like to thank the whole bunch of you (too numerous to name but 
you know who you are) who had nice words about my twin system and the 

I've had several requests ranging from "Could I please borrow the 
negative so I can make a large blowup?", to requests for photographic 

Obviously I am not going to entrust my only negative of my best 
coil picture yet to the mail or anyone else.  I entrusted an 
equally or moreso valuable negative to a TV documentary producer once 
and although I did get it back, it was badly scratched. Never again!!!

I will check and see what kind of deal I might get happening to 
produce either a limited edition color print of the picture shown in
or the cost of some large photographic blowups.  Anyone wishing to 
purchase a personally signed and dedicated high quality print
should contact me by private e-mail and we can do this off-list.  
When I have a price figured out I will contact each of you 
individually and will also inform The List.

Robert W. Stephens